About me

I am a PhD candidate in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Carolina. I work with Dr. Pooyan Jamshidi. I am interested in research topics related to adversarial machine learning, transfer learning, activate learning, bayesian neural network, graphic neural network, and software testing.

Before joining AISys lab, I worked with Dr. Gregory Gay, doing searches on topics related to search-based software testing and mutantion testing. I obtained a M.S. degree in Computer Science from University of South Carolina in December 2017.


  1. Research Assistant at AISys Lab, 05/2019 - Present
  2. Teaching Assistant, CSCE 101 Introduction to Computer Concepts, Spring 2019, Spring 2018
  3. Lecturer, CSCE 101 Introduction to Computer Concepts, Fall 2018
  4. Teaching Assistant, CSCE 146 Algorithmic Design II, Spring 2018
  5. Teaching Assistant, CSCE 101/102, CSCE 145, 2015 - 2017



  1. Ying Meng, Jianhai Su, Jason O’Kane, Pooyan Jamshidi. “Ensembles of Many Diverse Weak Defenses can be Strong: Defending Deep Neural Networks Against Adversarial Attacks”. CoRR abs/2001.00308 (2020)


  1. Amanda Schwartz, Daniel Puckett, Ying Meng, Gregory Gay. “Investigating faults missed by test suites achieving high code coverage”. Journal of Systems and Software, 2018: 106-120
  2. Ying Meng, Gregory Gay, Michael Whalen. “Ensuring the observability of structural test obligations”. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2018.


  1. Nominated 2020 Microsoft Research Ada Lovelace Fellowship.
  2. Awarded an Operational Machine Learning (OpML)’19 Diversity Grant.